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Working in the hospital, I found myself lost, looking for a career in which I could do something better.  I wanted to work with people, I wanted a medicine that healed and a way to prevent disease.  I even found myself very ill, and Medical Doctors had no answers or remedies.  I have been on this journey of natural healing ever since. Naturopathic Medicine, my husband and three healthy kids complete me"                              - Dr. Miki

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We have made a serene atmosphere to lift the mind and spirit.  We believe wellness is best   achieved in a  relaxing environment.  

We offer two locations.  Our main location in Orange county, and our original location in Los Angeles.
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8/10 rate us 5/5 stars.  

★★★★★|Anonymous (verified patient)
Dr. Finlayson listens to your concerns and your health status and charts a course for testing and remedy. I feel so much better after following her guidance - more energy, sharper focus, lower weight, better sleep, and we're working toward optimum health

★★★★★|Anonymous (verified patient)
My experience was really good but some of the changes that I needed to make were a little overwhelming since I had never before taken vitamins and powders on a daily basis. It was very informative and I'm happy to begin a new healthy life style .

★★★★★|  Anonymous (verified patient)
Appreciate the feedback during my visit.

★★★★★| D (Verified Patient)  
Dr. Mike Finlayson exceeded my expectations. She has started me on a path of healtheir eating with the correct supplements. She is professional, know- edgeable, listens well and in a short time taught me about my body, food choices & proper supplements.

★★★★★|Anonymous (verified patient)
Very interesting and informative. A lot of consideration about how to help me get well. I have crohns and have exhausted the medical doctor route with no answers to be found except, drugs, drugs and, more drugs! 

★★★★★|Anonymous (verified patient)
Dr Miki uses in-depth tests and a holistic approach to determine your overall health. She figured out what was going on with me when MD's could not.

★★★★★| Anonymous (verified patient)
She reviews all issues in detail, and I appreciate that.

★★★★★ |Anonymous (verified patient)
"Dr. Miki is very knowledgeable and I trust her with my care."
​                                                                                                                                      TC, 

"Friend recommendation....Was not getting relief or answers from MD's.  All visits are very informative.   I learned that food effects inflammation, as does vitamin deficiencies.  Had 1 condition that improved 100% and another that we are still working on with about 50% improvement in 7 months.  Overall much better than when I first saw Dr Miki as I had been struggling for a year with health issues.

"★★★★★,  After having two MD's tell me that my general feelings of ill health were the "new world order", I finally decided to see a naturopathic doctor. I've been seeing Dr Miki for about a year and feel much better. She uses a lot of tests to measure a variety of things so I felt that all of her advice or recommendations were scientifically sound and measurable. She also spends a lot of time explaining all of the test results to me so I have a better understanding of my health. Because my health insurance does not cover supplements or naturopathic doctors, Dr Miki has been very helpful explaining the costs and various options to me. She is also never pushy, which makes it easier for me to make intelligent decisions.

Dr Miki is precise, knowledgeable, and thorough. I have recommended her to several friends."

"★★★★★, I have been seeing Dr. Miki for well over a year and I have come along way on my digestive and overall health concerns and making great progress."


"★★★★★, | I have been seeing Dr. Miki for the past 14 months. I had some concern regarding my nutritian and vitamin levels so I asked for a full evaluation. Dr. Miki was very informative and explained in detail the various concerns she had with my vitamin levels. I have followed her guidance and feel much better and Healthier.
I still see Dr. Miki monthly for a B-12, vitamin D, and my vitamin drink mix.
This process may not be for everybody but I can honestly say it's been a great experience for me.
I have found Natural Roots Medicine to be very nice, helpful, accommodating, and yes sometimes they chase me down but frankly I need the kick in the butt to make sure I stay healthy. I very much appreciate their proactive approach.
Thumbs up to Dr. Miki and her team."

"I want to thank you for your expertise. I have learned a lot from you and will continue to keep in mind the ways to keep my blood sugar low."  

" Thank you for the continued care for my parents. They continue to live thanks to you."

​"★★★★★, Dr Miki uses in-depth tests and a holistic approach to determine your overall health. She figured out what was going on with me when MD's could not."
                                                                                          Anonymous (verified patient) 

"★★★★★,  She reviews all issues in detail, and I appreciate that." 
                                                                                          Anonymous (verified patient)

"★★★★| Anonymous (verified patient) 

"★★★★★|Anonymous| (verified patient)|

"★★★★★|Anonymous| (verified patient)| 

"★★★★★  It would be nice to have access between appt via email or phone even if it is a service that is charged.If you really need help at the moment you can't sometimes get in to see her for weeks so you have to make decisions that can be critical to your health."   
                                                                                       Anonymous| (verified patient)|


I had an amazing experience here. I first arrived at the office in August of 2008 with incredible debilitating menstrual pain. I also had a hard time sleeping and was extremely stressed. Dr. Finlayson helped me with an extremely empathetic and knowledgeable manner. As of today, I can report that I have been pain free for 6 months, I sleep well, exercise and altogether enjoy my life more. A visit to Natural Roots will leave you with determination to be healthier and live in abundance.                                                                                                                   

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