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At Natural Roots Medicine our mission is to provide natural, safe and effective family healthcare.  We are a Naturopathic wellness center dedicated to providing quality integrative, and holistic medicine. We empower our patients in their pursuit to health. Our uniquely designed programs are catered for the individual by understanding their environmental, mental and physical needs .  We are committed to the highest standard of personal service.  Dr. Finlayson at Natural Roots Medicine understands the importance of optimal health and balance, thus she consistently and consciously works toward caring for the whole person, not just treating a symptom. 
What we do 
Naturopathic Doctor Visits
A Naturopathic Doctor practices Naturopathic Medicine.   This gives people the option to add alternative medicines to there protocol by a trained licensed doctor  specialized in holistic medicine and alternative/complementary treatments.  Having someone trained in the herbs, pharmaceuticals is important for patient safety.   It is also important to know the proper use and recommended dosages and combinations which provide an outcome.    Naturopathic doctors also incorporate a philosophy to help the healing process.  This philosophy is the belief to help the body heal.  In many cases the body will heal itself.  Often it just takes a little help to balance,  by using nutrition, supplementation, herbs and other natural medicines.  The holistic approach also incorporates lifestyle and removal of obstacles to cure.  Naturopathic Medicine helps patient's heal from within.   

Botanical Medicine

Phytotherapy or plant medicines are used as teas, tinctures, poultices and capsules. Medicinal plants are safe and effective for enhancing the immune system and treating illnesses. 


Constitutional hydrotherapy uses sine wave and hot/cold water to facilitate healing.  It increases circulation, blood flow, organ function and immune response.  It treats infection, inflammation, and is vital for cleansing.


Homeopathy is a safe treatment option for acute and chronic illness.  Homeopathy helps your body start the healing process with a "like cures like" approach, a similimum.  A Naturopath takes characteristics specific to each patient to find their correct remedy.

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition consultations. We correct deficiencies and malnutrition by applying "food as medicine" as well as pharmaceutical grade supplements to provide balance and optimal health.  We teach better ways to eat for weight loss management and metabolic efficiency.

IM B12 Injections

Utilize B12 in your wellness program. 
B12 is vital for energy,  weight loss and more..... Ask for details.  

Innovative Laboratory Testing

Conventional and specialized testing provides
us with valuable information on our patient's. 
We offer food allergy, heavy metal,
gastrointestinal function testing and other specialized tests. 

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Need more from your doctor? We add natural medicine to your health....
Located in Mission Viejo.  We serve Orange County, Coto De Caza, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Ladera Ranch, Ranch Santa Margarita and more!
We have many options to heap you reach a healthier you and stay there.  By learning to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, health becomes a way of life.  We (patient and doctor) work together to provide the best treatment option for you.

I encourage the whole family to benefit from natural medicine.

If you are ready to be empowered, rejuvenated and more energized, call us  today for a free 15 minute consult.
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We offer 
Dr. Micaela Finlayson is a Naturopathic Doctor who is a family practitioner specialized in natural and alternative medicines.  She educates you in the natural medicines relevant for your health.  She individualizes your treatment and focuses on prevention and the healing power of nature.   She is passionate about Naturopathic Medicine and strives to enable healing in her patients and the community.   

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Natural Medicine Doctor:   
Natural Roots Medicine provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to family medicine and health.   Dr. Micaela Finlayson utilizes innovative laboratory testing and safe treatments for the whole family.   She offers alternatives to prescription and over the counter medicines, which often mask symptoms, and prolong illness.  By finding the cause of illnesses we prevent recurrence.  With nutrition and supplementation the body is a healthier  system able to prevent illness and function to absorb nutrients well, for better energy and enjoyable living. 
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Natural Roots Medicine: Naturopathic Wellness Center Orange County

Natural Roots Medicine: Naturopathic Wellness Center 

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Natural Roots Medicine: Naturopathic Wellness Center
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Naturopathic Doctor Serving \Mission Viejo, Ranch Santa Margarita, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Ladera Ranch, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Dana Point and surrounding Orange County areas. 

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Naturopathic Wellness
Methods of Natural Treatment

 * Your Primary Care, annual exam and labs. Natural reductions for blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid conditions, diabetes. Natural therapies for sore throats, allergies, asthma.  
  * Naturopathic Family Medicine: Wellness and nutrition for kids, natural drug-free therapies for illness, colds/ flu, allergies, ADHD,  
  * Preventive Medicine: Reduce your risk from family history of diabetes,  
  * Skin Health: Eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, vitiligo,  
  * Alternatives to Prescription Drugs:
  * Environmental Medicine  
  * Women's Health: Solutions for infertility, natural remedies for PMS.... 
  * Gastrointestinal disorders: Dietary and herbal remedies, microbe testing, mal-absorption remedies
  * Nutritional Planning: pregnancy, prenatal, solution nutrition for migraines, learning disabilities, genetic mutations MTHFR,... 
  * Hormone Therapy: 
  * Whole body cleanses
  * Children's Health & Wellness
  * Thyroid disorders
  * Diabetes
  * Food Allergies and Sensitivities, (Gluten Intolerance) 
  * Fatigue
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Front Desk/Scheduling (949)916-6980 
27001 La Paz Rd. Ste 292, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 

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