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What is a Naturopathic Doctor?
A Naturopathic Doctor (ND) has attended a four-year accredited naturopathic medical school.  This is not a certificate program as a traditional naturopath, which is a certificate obtained after a few weeks of training.   To be a Naturopathic doctor a  four year medical school is attended in addition to four years of pre-medical course degree training.    Obtaining a doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine  trains a doctor in family practice medicine.  A graduate must pass the national doctoral board examination.  This is required to obtain in medical license to practice Naturopathic Medicine in board qualified states.  There are laws in states to protect the public and a naturopathic doctor must obtain a license to practice medicine in these states.    Do not be fooled by traditional naturopaths who obtain a certificate and are not licensed doctors.     Naturopathic doctors are trained in primary care to do physical exams, diagnose and treat using natural modalities such as physical medicine, clinical nutrition, herbal medicines, homeopathy, counseling, and hydrotherapy, among others. 

A degree in Naturopathic Medicine is obtained at an accredited Naturopathic medical school.  These schools are located in Arizona (www.scnm.edu),  Washington (www.bastyr.edu),  Oregon ( www.ncnm.edu), and Connecticut.  As of yet, there are no schools in California.   
"I think I have been  preparing for naturopathic medicine my entire life.  Natural healing runs in the family as does traditional medicine.  I found myself lost, looking for a career in which I could do all the things I loved.  I wanted to work with people, I wanted a medicine that healed and a way to prevent disease.  The day naturopathic medicine found me was the best day of my life  "                              - Dr. Miki
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We have made a serene atmosphere to lift the mind and spirit.  We believe wellness is best   achieved in a  relaxing environment.  

We offer two locations.  Our main location in Orange county, and our original location in Los Angeles.

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Natural Roots Medicine Clinic 
Have you wondered which alternatives or natural remedies may help you?   Frustrated after seeing your doctor with no improvement in your condition? Natural Roots Medicine is here to help.  

Dr. Miki listens to the patient first and foremost.  She focuses on the person and not just a symptom.   Utilizing her expertise in prevention and natural treatments, she helps patients  live healthier without disease.   Some disease processes are acute, others are complex and chronic, and the healing process may be just as complex.  Her approach is to educate patients to have an active role in their health.

Your Naturopathic Family Doctor

Micaela (Miki) Finlayson, ND  graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Tempe, AZ 2007.  In addition to her doctorate degree she  has a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and a Minor in Chemistry from San Francisco State University.  She has been  happily practicing since 2007.  Following a preceptorship position at Synergy Medicine in 2007, she founded Natural Roots Medicine.  Natural Roots Medicine has been open for business since 2008 in Eagle Rock, CA and expanded to Orange County in 2009.   

Additional certifications:  Certification in Intravenous Therapies.  Defeat Autism Now training currently in progress.  

Affiliations:  CNDA, AANP 

During her medical school career she took pride in aiding communities in need.   She participated in Naturopaths Without Borders, Natural Doctors International, Child Family Health International, GUAMAP (Guatemala acupuncture and medical aid project) and Wellness Works, Glendale, CA .  Traveling to Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala she gained experience in Natural Medicine at its finest.  She spent many hours working in clinics in underserved areas.

She practices what she teaches.  She had two home births and wouldn't trust any other medicine for her children and family, but her own. Her joy in life is her family, 12 yr old son Ian, 10 year old Amaya,  Iris 9 yrs old, and her loving husband Erik.  She lives in Ladera Ranch and enjoys home projects, cooking, gardening, and anything outdoors.  

Botanical Medicine
Phytotherapy or plant medicines are used as teas, tinctures, poultices and capsules. Medicinal 
plants are safe and effective for enhancing the immune system and treating illnesses. 

Constitutional hydrotherapy uses sine wave and hot/cold water to facilitate healing.  It increases 
circulation, blood flow, organ function and immune response.  It treats infection, inflammation, and is vital for cleansing.

Homeopathy (meet our homeopath) 
Homeopathy is a safe treatment option for acute and chronic illness.  Homeopathy helps your body 
start the healing process with a "like cures like" approach, a similimum.  A Naturopath takes characteristics 
specific to each patient to find their correct remedy.

Clinical Nutrition
We correct deficiencies and malnutrition by applying "food as medicine" as well as pharmaceutical grade 
supplements to provide balance and optimal health.  We teach better ways to eat for weight management 
and metabolic efficiency.

IM B12 Injections, IV Nutrients
Utilize B12 in your wellness program. 
B12 is vital for energy,  weight loss and more..... Ask for details.
Myers Cocktail supplying nutrients intravenously.   

Innovative Laboratory Testing
Conventional and specialized testing provides
us with valuable information on our patient's. 
We offer food allergy, heavy metal,
gastrointestinal function testing and other specialized tests. 


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Natural Roots Medicine: Naturopathic Wellness Center 

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Naturopathic Doctor Serving  Mission Viejo, Irvine, Ranch Santa Margarita, Laguna Hills, Ladera Ranch and surrounding areas. 

"This is the place to come, where you matter.  It isn't about a symptom or disease like UC, IBS, PMS, anxiety... or any other, it is about what can be done to get you feeling better."   Dr. Miki  
Naturopathic Wellness
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